The introduction, and the motivation.

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Hi geeks! I’m currently a Computer Science student in Vietnam. I really love to talk or learn about anything that is related to science, and I think the most efficient way to learn something and ensure that we understand it clearly is to write it down in the simplest way for everyone to understand.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” — Albert Einstein


Hence, I choose to write anything that I’ve learned in the learning path to share as well as remind myself about that. And honestly, it is not easy for everyone to write something that they have learned in a simple way for everyone to understand. And I think when I want to write something, my brain has to work hard, it has to think and analyze everything about the thing one more time to write it correctly and explain it in an easy way. In that process, I have to rearrange the workflow, the idea, and the approach to the problem in a logical way, then I will realize my missing point or misunderstanding about that knowledge, and I will get more perspective to approach that problem after all. For me, the more I write, the more I learn.

And obviously English is not my mother language, so why do I use English? Absolutely not for flexing. We also know that any field or information about anything on the Internet is written in English (or the same thing in English) as well, so I want to use English as well as possible to improve my English.

To sum up, I will write and share the things that I’ve learned in my learning path, I will also write about my experience or my thoughts in learning something or my perspective on some problems as well. I’m a willing-to-learn person so feel free to correct me on anything, such as my English, my coding skill, my knowledge, or anything that I wrote. I really appreciate that!

Thank you guys! And happy coding!



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Khang Nguyen

Khang Nguyen

A Computer Science student in Vietnam. Feel free to talk about anything related to science.